The British Isles has a long and proud history of Gnostic Church activity–within O.T.O., parallel to O.T.O., and completely distinct from O.T.O.

In the 1940s, W.B.Crow was authorised by Crowley to perform the Gnostic Mass, even though he was not a member of OTO. Crow’s work continued in the 1950s and 1960s and was maintained by G.H.Brook.

In 1975 the Companions of the Rainbow Bridge began performing the Gnostic Mass and for a period of eleven years held quarterly performances, continuing on a less frequent basis, right up to 2004 ev. Zachary Cox and Jean Williams were the principal officers of the Rainbow Bridge and although they never joined O.T.O., both were recognised as outstanding transmitters of the Light of the Gnosis and awarded diplomas of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica in Anglia.

In the late 1980s, a small number of European O.T.O. members were consecrated as Bishops, at a gathering in North Wales. Among the dignitaries attending this event, was the future Patriarch of EGC within O.T.O., and an individual believed to be the only Archbishop of E.G.C. within O.T.O.

During the 1990s, certain individuals connected with O.T.O. wished to participate in the Gnostic Mass, but were restricted by the O.T.O. degree-based prerequisites. This led to a number of ordinations being performed under the auspices of Ecclesia Gnostic Universalis.

There was not a great deal of ecclesiastical activity in the 2000s, although ecumenical relations were established with Ecclesia Gnostica Aeterna and a number of joint ceremonies performed.

In the current decade there was perceived to be a need in London for Gnostic activity in addition to the Gnostic Masses offered by AMeTH Lodge, O.T.O. Out of respect for the fine E.G.C. work being done by the officers of AMeTH Lodge and wishing to avoid any possible public confusion between groups, this new flowering of the universal gnostic church is working under the auspices of Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis.

Cleopatra's NeedleHence on Lammas Eve 2018 e.v., Tau Meithras (a bishop consecrated twelve years previously by Tau Ogdoade-Orfeo IV) was Ordained sub-conditione, and formally recognised in Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis, by Tau Erigena and Sophia Gloria Mundi, in a ceremony at The Crypt in St. Pancras, Valley of London, in the presence of two witnesses and to the acclamation of onlookers.

A new Proclamation of the Gnosis was then issued on the Autumn Equinox 2018 e.v., at Cleopatra’s Needle, by the banks of the river Thames, Zenith of London, and the works of Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis in Anglia were started anew in the outer once again.